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Olimpiada Digitala 2021 (Romania)

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Olimpiada Digitala 2021 (Romania)

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:: Start competition:
May 1, 2021
:: End competition:
May 31, 2021
:: Find out the winners:
June 15, 2021
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Language programming:

:: Scratch is an easy-to-use FREE programming
platform with the potential to create amazing
interactive stories, games, movies, and
presentations! Use Scratch online or download
it from !

The challenge (contest subject):

Subiectul OLIMPIADEI va fi anuntat in prima zi de concurs!

(only users from Romania accepted for this event) Subiectele Olimpiadei Digitale sunt de tip [programare-creativa] ! Sunt admise proiecte de tipul: poveste, animatie, joc sau mixt, respectand tema olimpiadei care va fi afisata in prima zi de concurs. Studiati [Regulamentul] si [Regulile de arbitraj] in limba romana !

Scoring rules

Contest categories:

Olimpiada Digitala 2021 (Romania)

Age categories:

  • 7-8
  • 9-10
  • 11-12
  • 13-14

Exciting prizes for this CONTEST!

KIT Robot inteligent programabil

KIT Robot inteligent programabil

Locul 1
KIT proiecte Arduino

KIT proiecte Arduino

Locul 2
Carte programare Scratch

Carte programare Scratch

Locul 3
Additional diplomas:
Best ideea project
Special Award Certificate
Outstanding script
Special Award Certificate
Outstanding story
Special Award Certificate
Outstanding animation
Special Award Certificate
Certificates for ALL!

Certificate of Participation for all the participants!


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