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Best IKCC Projects 2021 results are here !


:: a panel of 12 judges from 7 countries scored the winning projects of the 2021 year
:: all winners of 2021 and competitions participate to this evaluation
:: projects must be written in english in order to participate
:: full judges score sheets can be consulted here
And , the Best projects of 2021 are:

age cat. 7-8 y.o.
   Shanaya Bhandari, NPS Intyernational School, Singapore (final score: 4.58)
   project link:  

age cat. 9-10 y.o.
   Nirmal Deepak, Stansford International, India (final score: 4.37)
   project link:

age cat. 11-12 y.o.
   Sasha Andrei Vovcenco, Little London School, Romania (final score: 4.50)
   project link: 

age cat. 13-14 y.o.
   Rakha Sapta Fabian, IDN Boarding School, indonesia (final score: 4.41)
   project link: